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Solitaire Chess

Sequential logic puzzle based on the rules of Chess.

Solitaire Chess
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Chess is cool, but it does have its drawbacks. Namely, you have to find an opponent that is of a comparable skill level to yourself and not a complete dork. You may also not have a spare three hours lying around to devote to an epic Chess duel. Fixing these problems is where Solitaire Chess scores big!

Solitaire Chess is a single-player logic puzzle that uses the rules of Chess to exercise your noodle. To play, first choose one of the 30 included double-sided challenge cards and slide it into the top of the Solitaire Chess board. Arrange the chess pieces on the board as illustrated on the card, and then start moving. To win, you must capture a piece on every move until only one remains.

The Solitaire Chess puzzle board features a slide-out compartment underneath where you can store the 10 included game pieces, making it perfect for travel. The instruction manual includes three hints for each of the Solitaire Chess challenges, which range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Ages 8+.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions: 6.75" x 6.75" x 2"
  • Includes 60 challenges (30 double-sided cards)
  • 10 chess pieces (Pawn x 2, Bishop x 2, Knight x 2, Rook x 2, Queen, King)
  • Store pieces easily in slide-out drawer
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert challenges
  • Ages 8+
  • Instruction manual (what's this?): Download (PDF)

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Embrace your inner nerd!

While it may be more fun to embrace your inner athlete, let's get practical for a moment—most bosses don't care about your vertical leap. They're much more interested in what you can do with your brain. This is the muscle that Solitaire Chess is going to attack.

Solitaire Chess is a single player chess tactics puzzle.
Solitaire Chess uses the rules of Chess as the basis for its mind-bending puzzles.

Start by selecting one of the 60 challenges

Solitaire Chess includes thirty double-sided challenge cards. Color-coded by difficulty level, each card indicates the starting positions for the pieces used in that challenge.

Once you've selected a card, place it on top of the Solitaire Chess game board or slide it underneath for a more secure playing surface.

To begin playing Solitaire Chess, first choose one of the 60 included challenges.
Choose from sixty Chess puzzle challenges ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert.

Arrange the board according to the challenge card

The challenge card will illustrate the starting positions of the Chess pieces used in the puzzle. The harder the challenge, the more pieces that will be required.

Arrange the board according to the illustration on the Solitaire Chess challenge card.
Each double-sided challenge card indicates the starting positions of the pieces.

Each move must result in a captured piece

After you've set up the Solitaire Chess board according to the challenge card, you must capture all of the pieces until only one remains. A piece must be captured on every move.

So, if a challenge begins with four pieces, you must make three Chess moves to eliminate three pieces. You can move the pieces in any order, but a piece must be captured on every move.

To win the Solitaire Chess puzzle challenge, you must capture a piece on every move.
Each move must result in a captured piece.

When only one piece remains, you've won!

Solitaire Chess is difficult. You must think in advance to ensure that every move results in a captured piece and that only one remains at the end. If you succeed, well, give yourself a pat on the back. And then pick a new challenge card!

At the end of a game of Solitaire Chess, there must only be one chess piece remaining.
To complete the Solitaire Chess challenge, you must capture a piece on every move until only one remains.

Designed for compact storage, travel

The thirty challenge cards can be secured directly beneath the board surface. A plastic clip keeps them from falling out during transport.

The recessed circles on the game surface prevent the pieces from sliding when playing in the car, plane, train, or during a mild earthquake.

The Solitaire Chess puzzle board is well-designed for travel.
The Solitaire Chess game board features recessed circles to help keep pieces stationary.
A plastic clip keeps the challenge cards secure during transportation.

Stow pieces in the slide-out drawer

Solitaire Chess includes ten Chess pieces (two each of pawns, rooks, knights, and bishops, as well as one king and queen), which can all be securely stored in the pull-out compartment underneath the game board.

Store the 10 included chess pieces in the slide-out drawer.
The Solitaire Chess Board features pull-out storage for its 10 pieces.

Hints included!

Solitaire Chess becomes exceedingly tricky as you progress through the intermediate, advanced, and expert challenges.

To save you from complete torture, the instruction manual includes three different hints for each challenge:

  1. The first piece to move
  2. The first piece to be captured
  3. The last piece remaining on the board

If the included hints can't get you going, solutions for all 60 challenges are also listed in the instruction manual. We won't blame you if you have to sneak a peek.

The instruction manual includes three different sets of hints for each challenge.
Solitaire Chess is difficult. Thankfully, the makers have included hints for each challenge.

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