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The Original Spaghetti Scrubs

Environmentally friendly dish scrubs made from corn cobs and peach pits.

The Original Spaghetti Scrubs
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Spaghetti Scrubs are highly effective cleaning abrasives made from corn cobs and peach pits. While their natural pedigree is great for the environment, Spaghetti Scrubs' true claim to fame is their ability to clean without requiring any detergent whatsoever. Of course, for heavy grease, you'll need a bit of soap. But Spaghetti Scrubs stay incredibly soapy, so you'll only need a dab.

Spaghetti Scrubs are pliable, so they're perfect for tricky cleaning jobs like whisks as well as tackling tight spots like corners and behind the faucet. Better still, Spaghetti Scrubs dry fast and completely which prevents them from becoming a moldy stink-pile.

Choose from two styles: gentle or coarse. Each order includes two Spaghetti Scrubs of the same style, both of which will last for several months.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions (flat): 15.5" x 4"
  • Materials (coarse scrubs): corn core powder, cotton, polyester
  • Materials (gentle scrubs): peach pit powder, cotton, polyester
  • Dries quickly and completely to prevent mold and smell
  • Pliable shape
  • Reusable scrubs last for months
  • Choose from coarse and gentle packs
  • Includes two scrubs per pack
  • Packaging made from 100% recycled paper

Natural abrasive cleans effectively without detergent

Get rid of that moldy and smelly sponge by your sink and replace it with Spaghetti Scrubs. These natural abrasives are a much more effective scrubbing and cleaning tool.

Even if you ignore the awesome fact that they're made from peach pits and corn cobs, Spaghetti Scrubs can knock out most cleaning tasks with just water. No detergent is required. Should you encounter heavy grease, you can use a tiny amount of suds as Spaghetti Scrubs stay soapy for a long time.

Spaghetti Scrubs clean dishes without requiring detergent.
With Spaghetti Scrubs, you can clean most any dish with just water -- no detergent required.

Spaghetti Scrubs clean just about anything, even vegetables

Spaghetti Scrubs come in two styles: coarse and gentle. Between the two styles, you can clean metal cookware, kettles, sinks, grills, wood, plastic and even peel vegetables. Pretty awesome.

You can clean just about anything with Spaghetti Scrubs.
Spaghetti Scrubs can clean metal, plastic, wood, and even peel vegetables.

Quick drying = no mold or smell

Spaghetti Scrubs dry quickly and completely. Unlike a regular sponge which absorbs most of the nastiness it encounters, Spaghetti Scrubs are thin and far less absorbent. This prevents the bacterial growth (and stank) that accompanies a traditional sponge.

Spaghetti Scrubs dry quickly and completely to avoid mold and smells.
When done, simply hang the Spaghetti Scrub on your faucet to dry.
It will dry completely and thus prevent bacterial growth.

Pliable shape makes cleaning easier

The unique design and shape of the Spaghetti Scrub allows it to tackle tricky cleaning jobs easily and quickly.

Spaghetti Scrubs are pliable and can clean corners and odd-shaped items.
The pliable shape of the Spaghetti Scrub makes it ideal for tackling nearly any cleaning job.

Choose from two styles

Spaghetti Scrubs are available in two styles: gentle (made from peach pits) and coarse (made from corn cobs).

The Coarse (yellow) Spaghetti Scrubs are designed for metal cookware, kettles, sinks, grills, and peeling vegetables.

The Gentle (red) Spaghetti Scrubs are designed for wood, plastic, and sensitive materials that scratch or dull easily.

Spaghetti Scrubs and available in coarse and gentle varieties.
Choose from gentle and coarse Spaghetti Scrubs.

Includes two scrubs per package

Each purchase of Spaghetti Scrubs (either coarse or gentle) includes two scrubs. Each scrub will last for several months.

Each order of Spaghetti Scrubs includes two pieces.
Each order of Spaghetti Scrubs includes two scrubs.

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