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UltraMagnets 12-pack Pushpin Magnets

Ultra strong refrigerator magnets

Pushpin Magnets
Sold Out (more Sep. 10)
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Don't let their small size fool you. These pushpin-sized magnets are ultra strong, so no more blaming the cat for important items falling off the fridge due to weak magnets.

The Pushpin Magnets are made from Neodymium, which is the strongest type of permanent magnet on the planet. They are typically used in professional microphones, speakers, or headphones, but they also make for curiously awesome fridge magnets.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions: 0.6" tall x 0.4" wide
  • 12 magnets per pack in a variety of colors
  • Strongest permanent magnet available

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These are really, really strong magnets

All magnets were not created equal. These are made from Neodymium. Yeah, doesn't mean much to us, either. What's important, though, is that Neodymium is used to create the strongest permanent magnets on the face of the planet. So, yeah, they're wicked strong.

Pushpin Magnets are extremely strong refrigerator magnets
Can your refrigerator magnet hold a hammer? Well, you've probably never tried.
But, if you did try, you'd likely end up with a hammer on your foot. Ouch.

Pushpin Magnets are the perfect size

Each set of 12 Pushpin Magnets will arrive in the colored assortment you see below. The reason they're displayed on top of a piece of metal is because if they weren't, they'd all start snapping together due to their strong magnetic attraction. Note: They do not ship with a piece of metal.

Pushpin Refrigerator Magnets
Your Pushpin Refrigerator Magnets comes in a rainbow of colours
(The British spelling is used to emphasize how fancy-cool these magnets are).

Put Pushpin Magnets on your refrigerator

I guess that's pretty obvious...oh well, we kind of just wanted to show you what these magnets will look like on a refrigerator. We also wanted another chance to say something oh-so-witty. You'll have to look closely at our picture, however, to enjoy the witty-ness. I'd say it's a toss-up as to whether or not the "joke" is worth your time. But, these ultra strong magnets definitely are! (Snap! What a segue.)

Put stuff on your refrigerator with these strong pushpin magnets
Use our ultra strong magnets on your fridge, filing cabinet, or metal plate in your head.

Seriously, they're really strong

One Pushpin Magnet can hold 20 sheets of paper to a filing cabinet. That's one tough magnet.

Pushpin Magnets will hold twenty sheets of paper
In case you were wondering, the script in the picture above is for the un-optioned sequel to Glitter.

Strong enough to hold paper to a wall

We have metal corner pieces in our walls at Vat19, so we were able to use a Pushpin Magnet to post a really cool flyer about our DVDs on the edge of a wall. The manufacturer has said that the Pushpin Magnets can also hold onto the metal nails or screws in a wall.

Pushpin Magnets can hold a piece of paper on drywall

Frequently Asked Questions about Pushpin Magnets

Question: Are magnets this powerful dangerous?

Answer: Only to credit cards and VHS tapes. So, yeah, they're pretty much just dangerous to credit cards. Just keep your Pushpin Magnets about a foot away from your credit cards.

Question: How are these Pushpin Magnets so powerful?

Answer: They're high quality because they're made from Neodymium. This element is used to create the most powerful permanent magnets in the world.

Question: Will these work with magnetic paint?

Answer: We haven't tried it, but the manufacturer gives it the thumbs up. According to them, four Pushpin Magnets will hold up a large poster on a wall that has been painted with magnetic paint.

Sorry! We're sold out until September 10.


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More stock arriving on September 10, 2014.

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